The First Company in Thailand to Use Clean Energy from EKOenergy

by Suwimon

GMS Interneer Co., Ltd. and GMS Solar Co., Ltd. are the first companies in Thailand to use EKOenergy from solar power within the country, covering 100% of their electricity usage for the year 2023. EKOenergy is a label that certifies the use of clean energy by an organization. Choosing EKOenergy not only supports the production of clean electricity in Thailand but also considers the environmental impact. Power plants participating in this program must meet numerous standards to ensure minimal environmental impact. Additionally, a portion of the revenue from EKOenergy will support social activities or help remote areas.

EKOenergy is an eco-label for renewable energy used in various countries worldwide and is recommended by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, LEED Certificate, The Green Key, SDG goals, and CDP standards. You can purchase EKOenergy for products, buildings, or even events. GMS Solar Co., Ltd. is the first authorized distributor of EKOenergy in Thailand. For more information, please contact or Line @gmsthailand.

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